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Man records video of himself committing suicide by self-immolation in forest Philippines

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A man was found dead, suspected of having set himself on fire, in Barangay Pugaro, Manaoag, January 4, around 5:20 p.m.
The victim is a car mechanic and a resident of Barangay Botao, Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan.


Based on the PNP report, a parking boy/caretaker found a motorcycle parked in the parking area which prompted him to conduct a roving to find the owner of said motorcycle until he reached the grassy part of Virgins Well and there he discovered a burnt corpse.

During the investigation, a cellphone was recovered at the scene of the incident and it appears that the victim recorded a video of himself around 11:42 in the morning where he intentionally poured a gallon of gasoline on his body and then set himself on fire. until death.

The motive behind the incident is said to be a serious family problem.

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